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Daylight Bulb

Amazing Easy Method of beating SAD

Amazingly, there is one very simple method of beating seasonal affective disorder (SAD). We will share this tip with you.

All you have to do is to replace all your light bulbs with daylight bulbs (UK) daylight bulbs (US). These are easily available replacements for your normal household light bulbs, available in either standard bayonet contact (BC) or Edison screw (ES) fittings. They sometimes known as biobulbs.

You can order them online from Amazon UK or Amazon USA and fit them yourself, just like changing a light bulb, which is just what you are doing. For the ecologically minded, you can buy full spectrum (S.A.D.) biobulbs and have a look at other environmantally friendly, ethical products at Ecotopia

BioBulbs are daylight replicating lightbulbs, which are a straight replacement for either ordinary traditional household incandescent light bulbs, or for energy saving bulbs.

The 100 watt equivalent BioBulb uses just 25 watts, so they are saving 75% in energy compared to traditional bulbs. However, it is not the energy efficiency or cost saving which is the great thing about BioBulbs, it is their ability to emulate the colour of daylight, an absolute delight for SAD sufferers.

This means it is possible to go about your normal activities in the home or office, and get similar benefits to sitting in front of a light box. This is such a major breakthrough.

The equivalent of sitting for an hour in front of a 3,000 lux light box is having two 100 watt equivalent BioBulbs in your office desklamp, or in your kitchen work area and spending the same amount of time going about your usual daily activities.

This is just great, it takes no time, and if you replace the ordinary bulbs with BioBulbs in several rooms or areas of the house or office, you will get the benefit as you move about during the day.

As they just look like ordinary energy saving light bulbs, but with a slightly more pleasing light, you don't have to explain anything to anyone, they are just lightbulbs.

Buy a couple of daylight bulbs (UK) daylight bulbs (US) today and see how you like them.